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Builder Program



Exposure You Can’t Deny!

As a builder, you may have 10+ neighborhoods going in different parts of town at any given time. The hardest thing about a new home subdivision is letting potential buyers know you are there.  How about when you get moved to a new subdivision, but still have a few “stragglers” in your old subdivision.



Best Priced Builder Marketing in Town!

We have put together a marketing package that benefits YOU!

-       Full MLS® Exposure

-       Featured on & 

-       Advertised to approx. 18,000 agents


Full MLS® Listing checkmark.jpg
Up to 25 Photos checkmark.jpg Showcase Listing checkmark.jpg Listing checkmark.jpg Listing checkmark.jpg
100+ Website Syndications checkmark.jpg
Subdivision Broker Open House checkmark.jpg
Subdivision Promotional Email Blast checkmark.jpg
Supra Lockbox for "Straggler Homes" checkmark.jpg
24/7 800# Info Ling for "Straggler Homes" checkmark.jpg
Weekly Updates with the Sales Reps checkmark.jpg
Full-Color Flyers for "Straggler Homes" checkmark.jpg
Cost to the Builder $0.99 per house



Benefit Your Buyers

We are different by offering to sell their house with all the representation for a flat fee of $999 . Even with the Buyer’s Agent commission, they will save 2% or more. With the commission we save them on selling their house, they can turn around and put it in their new house with YOU!




Sales Price: Buyers' Agent Commission SSRG Flat Fee Total Savings!
$100,000  $3,000  $999  $2,001
$150,000  $4,500  $999  $3,501
$200,000  $6,000  $999  $5,001
$250,000  $7,500  $999  $6,501
$300,000  $9,000  $999  $8,001
$350,000  $10,500  $999  $9,501
$400,000  $12,000  $999  $11,001
$450,000  $13,500  $999  $12,501
$500,000  $15,000  $999  $14,001