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Why Pay A Commission

Homeowners attempting to sell their home
without the assistance of a 
generally do so for one reason only:
To avoid paying a commission fee.

Is it worth
Only the homeowner can answer that,
but experience has showns that many
for-sale-by-owners find that it isn't.

Before making a costly mistake,
consider the benefites....from A to Z,
that you receive from working with a
Trained Real Estate Professional.








Advertising: agents normally have proven marketing strategies.
Juggle Showings: an agent will schedule & handle all showings.
Suggested Price: an agent will do a market analysise to establish a fair price range.
Bargin: Research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commission was well spent.
Keeps Your Best Interest in Mind: it's MY job!
Time: one of the most valuable resources in an agent.
Contract Wrtiting: an agent can supply standard forms to speed the transaction.
Laws: a real estate professional will be up-to-date on real estate laws that affect you.
Unbiased Opinion: most owners are too emotional about their home to be objective. 
Details: an agent frees you from handling the many details of selling a home. 
Multiple Listing Service: the most effective means of bringing together buyers and sellers. 
VIP: that's how you will be treated by me.  You will not get handed off to an assistant.
Experience & Expertise: in marketing, financing, negotiations, and more.
Negotiation: an agent can handle all price and contract negotiations.
Wisdom: a knowledeagble agent can offer the wisdom that comes with experience. 
Financial Know How: an agent is aware of the many options for financing a sale.
Open Houses: a popular marketing technique organized by the agent. 
X Marks the Spot: an agent is right there with you through the final signing of the papers.
Glossary: a real estate professional understands, and can explain, real estate lingo.
Prospects: an agent has a network of contacts that can produce potential buyers.
Yard Signs: an agent provides a professional sign, encouraging serious buyers.
Homework: agents are informed informed through research and experience in your market.
Qualified Buyers: an agent can help avoid opening your home to curiosity seekers.
Zero-Hour Support: selling a home can be an emotional experience; an agent can help throughout the process.
Information: if your have a real estate question, an agent will know (or can get) the answer.
Realtor:an agent is a memeber of the National Association of Realtors and subscribes to a strict code of ethics.









Courtesy of Kensignton Vanguard National Land Services